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Inclusive Fitness Award

Our Club Pulse fitness suite has been awarded the IFI Mark Provisional Level, the nationally recognised standard of inclusion for the fitness industry.


Through attaining this award, we have demonstrated our commitment to treating all customers fairly and equally, continually working towards improving access for disabled people in the following areas:

Access and Service Provision

  • Provide Functional levels of access to the fitness suite for disabled users
  • Implement policies that help to overcome any barrier preventing disabled people from participating
  • Consider all impairment groups when making access improvements or improving policies and health and safety procedures
  • Provide alternative formats of information on request

Fitness Equipment

  • Provide a range of small equipment to allow for variety in fitness programming
  • Provide at least 6 items of IFI accredited fitness equipment that can be accessed by disabled and non-disabled people (including treadmill, cycle, upper body ergometer, leg extension or leg press, leg curl, upper body multi-station or equivalent upper body resistance equipment)

Staff Training

  • Ensure staff are trained in disablity equity and any procedures in place to improve access within the building
  • Ensure at least one fitness instructor is qualified in Exercise Programming for Disabled People Level 3