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Club Max Gym


About Club MAX

Club MAX is our purpose built gym for 8 - 15 year olds where "Maximum Attitude to Xercise" goes a long way towards helping you on your way to a healthy and fit young body.

Club MAX is equipped with specifically designed kit, enabling young people to experience a real physical workout .
Our aim is to increase awareness of health and fitness, in a fun, active and positive way.

This will educate our members towards a permanent, healthy lifestyle change and to help create a healthier next generation for Barrow.

Why Join Club MAX?

Club MAX is a great place to meet new mates.

  • Your energy levels can be greatly improved.
  • You will gain a healthier body that looks and feels better.
  • All exercise helps promote a higher sports performance.
  • Your overall fitness will be increased.
  • Push yourself to the MAX, so you can live life to the MAX.

The MAX Gym Staff

All our staff are trained and experienced in working with children. The staff play a pivotal role in motivating members whilst at the same time making sure that the children are safe, have fun and receive MAX results from the sessions.


Individual membership is £13.50 a month - or, if your Mum or Dad are members of Club Pulse, you can join Club Max for only £9.00 a month. The membership includes sessions at the youth gym, swimming, and dance mat classes.

We also offer a £30 for 3 months promotion, this also includes swimming, Obliterator fun sessions and dance mats during school holidays.

Children can also 'pay as they play' . The price is £2.50 per session

During term time the sessions at the gym take place in the evenings @ 4.30pm (except Thursdays, which starts at 4.45pm), 5.30pm, and 6.30pm, then at weekends 12pm - 1.30pm (instructor led).

Each session lasts 45 minutes and it is important to be on time for instructor led sessions.