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Name of ClubWhat they doTraining Days/TimesContactFurther Info
Barrow Long Distance Swimming ClubYear round pool training to prepare for open water long distance events. Open water events run from May to September throughout Britain and Ireland. They range from 1mile to 22miles and are run by The British Long Distance Swimming Association.

Pool training: Monday and Wednesday 7.30pm to 8.30pm and Fridays 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Lake training: (May to September) Two Evenings a week (TBA) and occasional Sundays.

Club Secretary:

Sally Chapman
01229 837000

Members must be aged 16 and over.

Membership costs:
£30 yearly fee, £4 each session.
Barrow ASC Swimming ClubBarrow ASC provides swimming facilities for children who have never entered the water before, for developing swimmers, for age group swimmers and swimmers of national standard.

The club aims to provide an atmosphere where swimming is an enjoyable and sociable experience.

Differs for each squad. Each squad has its own coaching co-ordinator. They are:

A+ squad - Neil Kerr
A squad - Keith Minnican
B squad - Mandy Steele                    D squad - Kerry Stockdale 
Dolphins - Kirk Minnican

Mandy Steele
01229 813288
In an attempt to be an all-encompassing swimming club, Barrow ASC carry out evaluations on individual abilities. Trials are held on the last Sunday in every month (during school term) at 5:45 pm. If the Club is full at any time, a waiting list will be in operation.
Duddon Canoe ClubThe club is open to all types of canoeists of all abilities. Members take part in lake and flat water paddling, white water kayaking and canoeing, sea kayaking, canoe touring and camping, and BCU star scheme courses.Pool: Thursday 7.30pm
Outdoor: Friday evenings
Mrs Carol Stringer
01229 586289
Duddon Canoe Club is affiliated to the BCU (British Canoe Union).

During the summer months the club holds monthly family days and a few weekend camps
Furness Diving ClubFurness Sub Aqua Club is affiliated to the British Sub - Aqua Club. The club today runs with a nucleus of about 35 members, the membership coming from all walks of life, all with the common interest in going diving.Tuesday Night at 7.30pmPlease call Paul on 07889 333 886 for more info.To use club equipment you must have the relevant qualifications for the equipment being used.
Bonus Swimming ClubThe club provides swimming instruction for people with physical disabilities.Sundays - 11am to 12pmAlison Otto
01229 825802
The club is held at the Park Leisure Centre, where there is a hoist to support people in and out of the pool.


Name of ClubWhat they doTraining Days/TimesContactFurther Info
Barrow Celtic, Junior Boys Football ClubJunior football Club that play in the Barrow and District Junior Football League.Friday 4.30pm to 7.30pmU 14 A Paul Spiers
01229 812925
Barrow Celtic Junior Girls Football ClubJunior Girls football Club that play in the Barrow and District Junior Girls Football League.Friday 4.30pm to 7.30pmDennis Boyd
01229 584657
Holker Old Boys, Senior Football ClubLocal Football Club that Play in North West Counties League Division 2Tuesday 6pm to 7.30pm01229 584657 
Holker Old Boys, Junior Football ClubJunior football Club that play in the Barrow and District Junior Football League.Monday 5.15pm to 6.45pm01229 821416 
Furness Rovers, Senior Football ClubLocal Football ClubWednesday 7.30pm to 9pm01229 827056 
Furness Rovers, Junior Football ClubJunior football Club that play in the Barrow and District Junior Football League.Thursday 8.15pm to 9pmSteve Shields
01229 838032
Barrow Island Rugby ClubBarrow Island Rugby League Football Club were founded in 1935. More recently, the club have had mixed fortunes since joining the North West Counties League having twice been in Division 1 and gaining promotion to the Premier league.Monday 6.45pm to 8.15pm01229 430369 
Walney Rugby ClubWalney Central Amateur Rugby League Club. Home Ground is Central Park Central Drive, WalneyThursday 6pm to 6.45pm01229 473826 
Glaxo, Junior HockeyJunior hockey training. All kids welcome, have fun!!Thursday 6.45pm - 8.15pm Margaret Mawdsley
01229 581918
Barrow Ladies HockeySenior hockey training. Everyone Welcome!!!!Wednesday 8.15pm to 9pm01229 433213 
Kentai KarateSenior and Junior Karate ClubEvery Monday & Wednesday

Children 5.45pm
Adults 6.45pm
Jonathan Little
07711 805 606

Park Leisure Centre sports hall